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Paglikay sa epidemya ug pagpadayon sa produksyon

Views:377 Awtor: Editor sa Site Publikasyon nga Oras: 2020-02-05 Sinugdanan: Site

In response to the epidemic, the company has adopted a series of measures to ensure both epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. Since the resumption of work on February 17, the company has strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control system. In addition to regular factory disinfection and temperature testing, it has also sent special personnel to register at the factory gate, and conduct temperature testing and disinfection of hands and feet for personnel entering and exiting to ensure epidemic prevention and control In place.

Burley also organized resumption of work in strict accordance with government requirements, proactively contacted employees, and handled all pass cards for employees to help them return to the company smoothly. At the same time, employees of the company are paid in accordance with the company's system regardless of whether they are on duty or in isolation. Workers on duty have been provided with one month's free room and board, and changed from the original barreled rice and food to boxed, which will be collected by all workshops and departments.

At present, the number of employees returning to the company has reached 60%, and most of the production workshops have resumed production. The company's production is mainly based on orders placed before the rush, and it is estimated that the previous production capacity will be restored by February 25. In the coming time,Our company will organize production while ensuring safety and make more contributions to social development.